Callatis Gas is a Limited Partnership incorporated in Romania in 2009. The firm has currently 20 employees.

The management team have over 25 years of experience in strategic management and oil & gas operations.

The Callatis Gas LPG Terminal is fully functional since March 2012, capable to transfer 150,000 -180,000 MT of Propylene and LPG per annum
Propylene & LPG loading speed : 100 tons/hour
Propylene & LPG Storage Capacity: 3,600 m3

The company’s activity is the operation of a Propylene & LPG Marine Terminal system. Besides this activity, Callatis Gas purchases LPG  in order to sell large and small quantities on the domestic and foreign market.
The Terminal is located at the Black Sea in Mangalia Port (50 km south of Constanta), Romania.

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