Sea Connection and Loading/ Unloading Capacity

The terminal supports the anchoring and unloading of LPG tankers of up to 3,000 tones (if both the LPG storage tanks and the railcars loading ramps are used) and 1,500 tones (if only the LPG storage tanks are used)
Mangalia harbor has 8,5 meters draft
LPG tankers are moored in Mangalia Harbor at a buoy with 3 mooring points; underwater pipes connect it to the terminal: a liquid  pipe (200 mm diameter) and a  gas pipe (80 mm diameter)
Loading/unloading capacity:  240 m3 / hour ( 2 pumps of 120 m3 / hour  each) ; a 1,500 tones cargo ship can be unloaded in approximately 15 hours
From the delivery cargo ships LPG can be loaded through the terminal into barges (up to 1,000 tones) that navigate on the Danube and shipped to Serbia, Hungary and Central Europe